# Examples

Click the links below and learn from community-built example projects

# Rust Sample Node (opens new window)

The sample serves as a complete reference for constructing a Lightning node with the LDK. This is a good starting point if you want a self-guided tour!

# Java Sample Node (opens new window)

This repository contains a sample implementation of LDK as the result of following the steps described in Building a Node with LDK in Java.

# Kotlin Sample Node (opens new window)

Kotlin based CLI lightning network server based on LDK. Provides HTTP-RPC interface.

# Rust node with sample Lightning Signer integration (opens new window)

A Rust Lightning node implementation based on the LDK and the Lightning Signer projects. Aims to be production ready at some point.

# Rust node with sample Tor integration (opens new window)

A Rust Lightning node sample implementation based on LDK with an embedded Tor daemon.